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Morrisons supermarkets in Britain will remove the “use before” date from their milk packaging

So the company wants to reduce the amount of discarded products in the country.

Milk is the third most overdue food item after potatoes and bread, according to Sky News.
According to statistics from the recycling charity Wrap, 280 million liters of milk are thrown away every year in Britain.
Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced that from the end of January, the packaging of 90% of its own milk will no longer have “hard” “use before” dates, instead appearing with a more streamlined “best quality before” recommendation, after which dairy products can still be sold.

Buyers are encouraged to literally resort to their own gut feeling when consuming milk to make sure it hasn’t gone sour.
In this way, stores plan to reduce the amount of dairy products discarded because of expired dates.
Discarded milk means wasted effort from our producers and farmers, and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

The company says good quality milk that has been stored properly can be used for days after the expiration date on the carton, so it should be consumed, not poured down the drain.
Now, customers themselves will determine whether a dairy product is good or bad. “Many generations before us have determined the quality of milk by sniffing, and we can,” the stores said.
If the milk has gone sour, it has a specific smell and changes in consistency. These are the signs by which the consumer can decide whether to continue using the product.

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