What foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by Oldypak Capital lp

Individuals of foreign origin are granted the right to obtain Turkish citizenship by exception when purchasing real estate worth $250,000 or more.

For this purpose, foreigners must indicate in the application for purchase that they are buying real estate for this purpose, the document of ownership must also indicate the purpose – obtaining Turkish citizenship. Moreover, the foreigner must declare on the approved form that he will not sell the object within three years.

After completing the procedures regulated by the land registry, the foreigner can apply to the relevant administrations for the right of residence or Turkish citizenship by submitting a certificate of ownership, which will be issued to the owner.

According to Oldypak Capital LP report here are main points:

In Turkey, the acquisition of ownership rights to real estate can only be approved after registration at the Land Registry Office.
Preliminary contracts on real estate, drawn up by a notary or concluded by individuals in writing, do not by themselves provide for the transfer of property. They serve only as an obligation to transfer ownership; the property in question does not change hands through such instruments.
The presence of encumbrances such as mortgages, pledges and similar types of restrictions that may exist on the property in question, preventing its sale, must be checked with the relevant land registry office before proceeding.
Inquiries about the status of the property in Turkey can be made online at parselsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr, where city, district, block/village, plot map and other information available to the buyer are used for the search. Thus, basic information about the property, including its current condition, is available online from anywhere in the world. However, the owner’s personal information remains inaccessible.
Foreign nationals do not need to have a residence permit (Turkish residence permit) as a prerequisite for the purchase of real estate. In addition, foreigners purchasing real estate in Turkey receive renewable short-term residence permits (STPs) in accordance with Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection.
Turkish companies with foreign capital must first apply to the Provincial Planning and Coordination Department (PDPC) under the local governor where the property is located. Once they receive a positive response from PDPC, they must apply to the Land Registry Office. These companies can apply on their own, by Turkish mail or by e-mail.

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